Official Worship Signals

This past weekend a good friend passed along something that I thought was initially hilarious – but then upon closer inspection I had a “moment”.

As a worship leader, I am often pushing / pulling / encouraging / motivating our congregation to “worship God fully” – in an  ‘expert’ sort of way (see the attached pdf for reference)  It has little to do with our hands however, but the WORSHIP GOD FULLY idea is that with your whole self, you give yourself to God in Worship – with your voice, with your prayers, with your silence, with your service, with your love for your spouse, kids, neighbours, strangers… you get the idea.

So, metaphorically speaking – am I simply a Rookie carrying a TV (again, see the reference) –  or a Mufasa Intermediate, a Heartburn Pro… or am I a Rocky Pro?

Not only in my singing-worship, but my life.  I believe my goal for myself and the goal I would ask you to pursue is move from one category to the next.  Isn’t God worthy of it?

so – let’s have a bit of a laugh… but consider this a metaphor for our Worship of God as well shall we?

Official Worship Signals


About steve.dick

A husband, father, son. Jesus Follower. Worship Leader & Pastor. I like making music, and eating chips... oh, is that too personal?
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