Art in Worship

This is a bold first post – as I’ve never posted anything before, but was eager to share with you the insight I received today from a friend.  Below are Robert Webber’s thoughts on art in and for worship.  Good food for thought as we consider all the things we place into worship services and what we hope to gain or accomplish through worship services.



To insist that art is necessary for worship is to commit aesthetic heresy. Such insistence makes art an idol, an object of our worship. On the other hand, to insist that art is a hindrance to worship is equally dangerous. It denies that the material creation is a worthy vehicle through which God can communicate to us, and we to him.

Robert Webber, Worship Is a Verb: Celebrating God’s Mighty Deeds of Salvation 


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A husband, father, son. Jesus Follower. Worship Leader & Pastor. I like making music, and eating chips... oh, is that too personal?
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2 Responses to Art in Worship

  1. In support of family, I will write a comment (actually we run up against this all the time at Radiant –
    Worship is first and foremost between the person and God (in my opinion). Convincing or coaxing someone into feeling something seems to be disingenuous (God does not need our help). I prefer to look at it as providing a setting which does not distract from God. This could be on both ends of the scale – terrible, dreary and boring OR over the top, prideful stimulation.
    If anyone has the exact, perfect formula, I’d love to hear it.
    Thanks Steve.

  2. snrdick1 says:

    Hey Brian, thanks for the hit back!
    I really appreciate you comment “I prefer to look at it as providing a setting which does not distract from God.” As a worship leader I could not agree more! I am constantly reminding myself and teams to do whatever we can to lead… but at the same time, “get out of the way”. Be genuine but also aware of things that might distract a congregation member. it’s a tough balancing act. thankfully I have also come to depend on the Holy Spirit to be strong where i am weak and to through HIs power, make my meagre offerings magnificent.
    have a great weekend cousin!

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